My parents moved our family to Alaska when I was a child... my dad got that "call of the wild" and transported us from southern California. I call Valdez home, but I've also lived in Anchorage and Fairbanks. C'mon now, Interior winters aren't that cold! Smile.

I'm a twelve year veteran of the USAF; serving four years active duty and eight years in the National Guard. I have a Bachelor of Science in Public and Social Service, received cum laude in 1997 from Kennesaw State University (just north of Atlanta, GA). During my post-military years, I was employed by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company at the Valdez Marine Terminal. From 2000 - present, I've worked part-time occasionally, but focused more on volunteer gigs that meshed with my schedule while raising a family.

Thanks for your interest, and feel free to contact me at: Becky Strub (BeckyStrub@gmail.com).


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